Serverless WordPress Hosting

Serverless WordPress Hosting

Fast and scalable WordPress hosting without thinking about servers
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Fast Cold Starts

Typical cold start time of 600ms from zero. Semi-cold start time of 350ms.

Serverless MariaDB

Dedicated instance scales with your traffic to keep your site fast.

Seemless CDN

CDN automatically caches static content at the edge for fast delivery.

Scale to Zero

Automatically scale down to zero when there's no traffic.

Built-in Fault Tolerance

Compute nodes run on multiple machines to ensure high availability.

No Code Changes

No changes to your codebase required. Just deploy your code and we'll handle the rest.

Developer Friendly Tooling

First-class local development environment

Sync your local environment with your cloud environment including your MariaDB database.

Make and test changes locally using Docker.

Commit or rollback changes with Git. Perform peer review with your team on GitHub.

And when you're ready, deploy your site with a single command directly from your computer; or have Jenkins deploy it for you.

It's that easy.

> Install command line tools
$ npm install -g @agiler/cli
> Start docker
$ agiler local
> Deploy your site
$ agiler deploy

Usage Based Pricing

Pay only for the resources you use

PHP Execution Time

PHP execution time is billed in GB-seconds. Cost depends on the memory allocated to your worker and time spent executing your code in 1ms increments. Only the time spent executing your PHP code is billed.

MemoryPrice per 1ms


Serverless MariaDB

Serverless MariaDB scales automatically based on the number of concurrent PHP workers and database load. Since database usage is tied to PHP execution time, we do not charge for database usage.

No charge



You are billed for the number of requests you receive. This charge is pro-rated so you only pay for the actual number of requests you receive.

$0.01 per 10,000 requests


Content Delivery Network (CDN) Bandwidth

Bandwidth used to deliver your content. Includes caching of your static content at the edge, TLS acceleration, and automatic SSL certificates.

RegionBandwidth (GB)
North America$0.12
South America$0.24


High Performance Storage Space

High performance storage space used to store your files and database.

$0.20 per GB-month

Serverless WordPress + Serverless MariaDB

Serverless WordPress + Serverless MariaDB

Serverless WordPress + Serverless MariaDB

Frequently Asked Questions

About using serverless with WordPress
What is the maximum PHP execution time?
PHP execution time is limited to 30 seconds. This does not include time spent waiting in the request queue or cold start time.
Is there a limit on the number of concurrent requests?
There is no hard limit on the number of concurrent requests but PHP workers will be dynamically limited to control database load.
What is the largest database instance size you support?
Our serverless MariaDB will scale up to 16 CPU cores and 32GB of memory. Your database instance will seemlessly scale up and down depending on the database load.
What happens once the database has reached its maximum size?
To prevent the database from being overloaded, new PHP workers will be prevented from starting. If the number of concurrent requests exceeds the number of PHP workers, the requests will be queued and processed as soon as a PHP worker becomes available.